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PFC1212DE(1) PVA080G12Q(1) DL08025R12U(1) 4600N(1) SE-100(1) FFB1212EHE(1) TFC1212DE(1) BM6025-04W-B59(1) SE-150(1) EFB1248SHE(1) MGT6012MR-O25(1) RAH1278S1-C(1) PL12B48L(1) 109S478UL(1) W1G180-AB47-24(1) W1G180-AB31-09(1) A34538-90(1) W1G180-AA01-24(1) FD127010MB-H(1) FD124020LB(1) FD1240105B-1N(1) 5214N/19HHI(1) CHA7012EBS(1) AUB0712MB(3) 3110RL-04W-B39(1) BFB0712HF(1) DFS122512M(1) FD5010U12S(1) SD8015BLM(1) DAZB0838RCM(1) 1406KL-09W-S29(1) FFB1212SH(1) MMF-09D24TS RM9(2) MMF-12D24DS-RNC(1) MMF-09B24DH RCB(2) MMF-09C24TS RM1(1) MMF-08G24ES-CP1 (CA1941H01)(1) MMF-08G24DS RC4(1) MMF-06D24ES FC1 CA1027H08(1) MMF-06F24ES RM1(1) MMF-06D24ES FC4 CA1027H09(1) MMF-09D24TS MM6(1) MMF-09C24TS YM4(1) MMF-08C24DS RC3(1) CA1321-H01(1) MMF-09D24TS RP1(1) MMF-09D24TS RN9(1) MMF-08G24TS CN2(1) MMF-09D24TS EN1(1) MMF-09C24TS RM1 CA1322H01(1) MMF-08C24DS FC1(2) MMF-06D24DM AC4(1) MMF-06D24DS RP3(1) MMF-06D24ES-R06(1) MMF-06D24DS A17(1) MMF-12D24DS-RP6(1) CA1382-H01 Melco MMF-04C24DS-RC4(1) CA1322-H01 Melco MMF-09D24TS RM1(1) CA1027H10 Melco MMF-06D24ES-FC5(1) KDE1204PKVX-A(1) FD4812253B-2R(2) 109R1248H1011(1) DBTA1225B8M(1) 109P0912H201(1) KD0502PFB3-8(1) AFC0912DE(1) AFC0912C(1) KDE1209PTV3(1) BFB1012H(1) AD07012DX257600(1) KD2408PTB3-6(1) 3110KL-04W-B79(1) GB1206PHV1-AY(1) GB1206PTV1-AY(1) 2410RL-04W-S29(1) PFC0612DE(1) 9G0612A1D03(1) MF15B-05LA(1) MF15B-05(1) AFB1248VHE(1) WFB1212HH(1) 9CRA0412G5038(1) KD1203PFB1-8(1) 9CR0412S5038(1) 1604KL-01W-B50(1) 109P0412K3033(1) AUB0812VH(1) PFR0912XHE(1) EFB0512HA(1) BFB0712HB(1) FFB0812EH(1) QFR1212GHE(1) DAZB0838RCM-PG01(1)
15*15*5mm(2) 25*25*10mm(2) 30*30*10mm(1) 35*35*15mm(1) 40*40*10mm(2) 40*40*15mm(1) 40*40*20mm(2) 40*40*25mm(1) 40*40*56mm(1) 50*50*10mm(1) 60*60*25mm(10) 60*60*38mm(2) 70*70*10mm(1) 70*70*15mm(4) 80*80*15mm(1) 80*80*25mm(15) 80*80*38mm(2) 92*92*25mm(15) 92*92*38mm(2) 120*120*15mm(1) 120*120*25mm(8) 120*120*38mm(11) 140*140*25mm(1) 70*70*25mm(1)
5V(4) 12V(58) 24V(33) 48V(8) 110V(4) 220V(5) 13.6V(1) 7V(1) 115&230V(1)
4.9A(2) 0.65A(1) 0.50A(2) 1.8A(1) 1.24A(1) 0.36A(1) 3A(2) 0.16A(2) 3.9A(1) 0.18A(1) 0.32A(1) 0.8A(1) 0.13A(1) 0.12 A(1) 0.12A(1) 0.08A(1) 2.27A(1) 2.7A(1) 1.5A(1) 0.20A(1) 0.05A(1) 0.24A(3) 0.35A(1) 0.17A(1) 0.26A(1) 0.22A(2) 0.07A(1)
7500RPM(1) 5500RPM(1) 13300RPM(1) 3800 ± RPM(1) 5300RPM(1) 5100RPM(1) 3700RPM(1) 2900 ± 10%(1) 1150±10%rpm(1) 5200RPM(1) 600±200~1600±10%RPM(1) 4400 RPM(1) 4200RPM(1) 13,000 RPM(1) 3100 rpm(1) 4300rpm(1) 4500RPM(1) 2300rpm(1) 3000RPM(1) 7200rpm(1) 3800 RPM(1) 13000RPM(1) 2900 RPM(1) 4800RPM(1) 3600RPM(1)
Air Flow
252CFM(2) 62.5CFM(1) 140 CFM(1) 46CFM(1) 60CFM(1) 140.16CFM(1) 11.3CFM(1) 89.3CFM(1) 53.6CFM(1) 143.1 CFM(1) 300CFM(1) 102.4CFM(1) 35.3cfm(1) 4.5CFM(1) 24.96CFM(2) 48.9CFM(1) 35.02CFM(1) 55.1 CFM(1) 5.2CFM(1)
2-P(8) 3-P(18) 4-P(18)
GPU Miner cooling fan New replace QFR1212GHE 12038 12V 6000RPM For S15 S9 L3 + T9 + D5 Z9mini S11 M3 E9 + E10 A8 + A9 841 Sale
$10.99 $14.99
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Delta AUB0712MB -7L10 7CM 70MM 7015 DC12V 0.24A  Server Square pwm Fan 4-wire 70x70x15mm Sale
$8.99 $11.99
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Y.S.TECH  FD127010MB-H 7010 0.2A dual ball bearing pwm 70mm cooling fan Sale
$8.99 $11.99
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6"  Inline fan Duct fan Booster Fan w/ Speed Controller Exhaust Blower 6 Inch Sale
$109.99 $129.99
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ec fan motor manufacturers 92*92*38 mm 92mm dual voltage 115V&230V 50/60 Hz 7W 3500RPM 79.9CFM case cooling fan Sale
$13.99 $18.99
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Mitsubishi drive fan NC5332H74A Melco MMF-09D24TS MM6 9025 DC24V 0.22A server inverter fan Sale
$26.99 $32.99
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Delta 12CM  120mm  120*120*38mm  PWM Fan TFC1212DE 252CFM vs PFB1212UHE Most Powerful Server CaseFan Sale
$13.99 $16.99
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80mm cooling fan SD8015BLM 8015 8cm 80*80*15 mm  Dual Ball DC 12V 0.22A 2.54P case fan Sale
$4.99 $7.99
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EBM ebmpapst 5214N/19HHI dc 27V 13.5W 12738 12.7cm 127mm  inverter cooling fan Sale
$21.99 $24.99
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ID-COOLING Slim 15mm Thickness, Best for Small Case, Big Airflow of 53.6CFM 120mm PWM Controlled Fan With De-vibration Rubber Sale
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EBM PAPST 4600N 12038 1238 12cm 110V 115V 20W all metal inverter server fan high tempreture Sale
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Delta  Original 8038 dc12v 8cm super car booster violent fan 4.9A PFR0812XHE 13000 80*80*38mm Sale
$11.68 $12.29
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Delta Three Pin Blower Fan BFB0512LD -F00 0.15A 12V for Dell 1201MP DLP Multimedia Projector cooling fan Sale
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Free Shipping Y.S.Tech 3010 pairs of ball silent fan 3 cm 3CM ultra-durable FD123010MB Sale
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Free Shipping SUNON GB1205PKV4-AY S36R  DC12V 0.7W Server Blower Fan 50x50x20mm 3-wire Sale
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4" 100mm Duct inline Fan w/ Speed Controller 100-264VAC 160CFM IP44 metal frame Sale
$89.99 $99.99
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DC brushless cooling fan blower 12V 0.25A Centrifugal cooling fan turbine blower 3pin Sale
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Original AVC 8038 13.6V 0.17A DAZB0838RCM-PG01 DAZB0838RCM full waterproof humidifier ventilation fan Sale
$34.99 $46.99
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40pcs Delta AUB0812VH 8CM 80MM 8025 80*80*25MM 12V 0.41A 4-Pin Pwm Tempreture control fan Sale
$237.50 $280.00
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Brand New HW P/N 32030125 2132030125 A0E3024113 for BBU3900 WD2E1FANC Delta FFB0812EH Sale
$44.09 $48.99
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