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ADDA AVC Delta EBM PAPST Nidec NMB Sanyo Sunon Sensda Melco Magic Superred Sepa Nonoise Y.S Tech Royal Fan JMC Jamicon Power Logic Comair Rotron Others Y.S.TECH aaa bbb
PFC1212DE PVA080G12Q DL08025R12U 4600N SE-100 FFB1212EHE TFC1212DE BM6025-04W-B59 SE-150 EFB1248SHE MGT6012MR-O25 RAH1278S1-C PL12B48L 109S478UL W1G180-AB47-24 W1G180-AB31-09 A34538-90 W1G180-AA01-24 FD127010MB-H FD124020LB FD1240105B-1N 5214N/19HHI CHA7012EBS AUB0712MB 3110RL-04W-B39 BFB0712HF DFS122512M FD5010U12S SD8015BLM DAZB0838RCM 1406KL-09W-S29 FFB1212SH MMF-09D24TS RM9 MMF-12D24DS-RNC MMF-09B24DH RCB MMF-09C24TS RM1 MMF-08G24ES-CP1 (CA1941H01) MMF-08G24DS RC4 MMF-06D24ES FC1 CA1027H08 MMF-06F24ES RM1 MMF-06D24ES FC4 CA1027H09 MMF-09D24TS MM6 MMF-09C24TS YM4 MMF-08C24DS RC3 CA1321-H01 MMF-09D24TS RP1 MMF-09D24TS RN9 MMF-08G24TS CN2 MMF-09D24TS EN1 MMF-09C24TS RM1 CA1322H01 MMF-08C24DS FC1 MMF-06D24DM AC4 MMF-06D24DS RP3 MMF-06D24ES-R06 MMF-06D24DS A17 MMF-12D24DS-RP6 CA1382-H01 Melco MMF-04C24DS-RC4 CA1322-H01 Melco MMF-09D24TS RM1 CA1027H10 Melco MMF-06D24ES-FC5 KDE1204PKVX-A FD4812253B-2R 109R1248H1011 DBTA1225B8M 109P0912H201 KD0502PFB3-8 AFC0912DE AFC0912C KDE1209PTV3 BFB1012H AD07012DX257600 KD2408PTB3-6 3110KL-04W-B79 GB1206PHV1-AY GB1206PTV1-AY 2410RL-04W-S29 PFC0612DE 9G0612A1D03 MF15B-05LA MF15B-05 AFB1248VHE WFB1212HH 9CRA0412G5038 KD1203PFB1-8 9CR0412S5038 1604KL-01W-B50 109P0412K3033 AUB0812VH PFR0912XHE EFB0512HA BFB0712HB FFB0812EH QFR1212GHE DAZB0838RCM-PG01
15*15*5mm 17*17*8mm 20*20*10mm 25*25*7mm 25*25*10mm 30*30*7mm 30*30*10mm 35*35*7mm 35*35*10mm 35*35*15mm 38*38*28mm 40*40*7mm 40*40*10mm 40*40*12mm 40*40*15mm 40*40*20mm 40*40*25mm 40*40*38mm 40*40*56mm 50*50*10mm 50*50*15mm 50*50*20mm 50*50*38mm 60*60*10mm 60*60*12mm 60*60*20mm 60*60*25mm 60*60*38mm 60*60*76mm 70*70*10mm 70*70*15mm 70*70*20mm 70*70*38mm 80*80*10mm 80*80*15mm 80*80*20mm 80*80*25mm 80*80*38mm 80*80*76mm 92*92*25mm 92*92*38mm 110*110*25mm 120*120*15mm 120*120*25mm 120*120*38mm 135*135*25mm 135*135*38mm 140*140*25mm 140*140*38mm 140*140*50mm 150*150*38mm 150*150*50mm 70*70*25mm S L XL
3.3V 5V 12V 24V 36V 48V 110V 220V 380V 13.6V 7V 115&230V
4.9A 0.65A 0.50A 1.8A 1.24A 0.36A 3A 0.16A 3.9A 0.18A 0.32A 0.8A 0.13A 0.12 A 0.12A 0.08A 2.27A 2.7A 1.5A 0.20A 0.05A 0.24A 0.35A 0.17A 0.26A 0.22A 0.07A
7500RPM 5500RPM 13300RPM 3800 ± RPM 5300RPM 5100RPM 3700RPM 2900 ± 10% 1150±10%rpm 5200RPM 600±200~1600±10%RPM 4400 RPM 4200RPM 13,000 RPM 3100 rpm 4300rpm 4500RPM 2300rpm 3000RPM 7200rpm 3800 RPM 13000RPM 2900 RPM 4800RPM 3600RPM
Air Flow
252CFM 62.5CFM 140 CFM 46CFM 60CFM 140.16CFM 11.3CFM 89.3CFM 53.6CFM 143.1 CFM 300CFM 102.4CFM 35.3cfm 4.5CFM 24.96CFM 48.9CFM 35.02CFM 55.1 CFM 5.2CFM
wire-lead 2-P 3-P 4-P 5-P 6-P Others